World's first online PCB layout time estimator.

Get a surprisingly good online estimate of the layout time and cost of your new PCB design, right now, in real time . It only takes seconds to determine the impact of layer count, parts count, PCB size, etc. on cost and scheduling. We've used it for years, and it really works.

Enter the following 4 required PCB Design Parameters, then click "Submit".

PCB Dimensions in inches (approximations are okay)
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Optional parameters.

Delivery Schedule Requirement
Economy. (A heavily discounted hourly rate is used for boards with minimal time constraints)
Standard. (Typical routing intensity is employed. Hourly rate is discounted.)
Expedited. (Quick-turn layout for tight schedules. Very fast, yet affordable.)
Priority. (Your printed circuit board is routed as quickly as practical for VERY tight layout schedules.)

PCB Board Outline Shape:

Special Design Constraints or Features. (Check all that apply.):
High Speed Digital Circuitry/ DSP's / High Pin Count FPGA's
Differential Pairs / LVDS / USB / SERDES
Sensitive Analog Circuitry
RF Traces / Transmission Lines / PCB Antennas / Bluetooth / Impedance Control
High Current Routing/ High Power / High Ambient Temperature
High Voltage Traces
Testpoints for In Circuit Testing